WPS SCHOOL COMMITTEE ROOM Display is UP! by Peter Curran


Throughout April, our WMS Art Lab was scheduled to fill the display space in the School Committee Room at the Town Building. Our exhibit highlighted the recent submissions to the Sketchbook Project. We scanned and printed a selection of 2-page spreads from the submitted sketchbooks to be included in the display. 

Artists included in the display were June K, Angela L, Dora C, Anastasia P, Lily Y, and Alyssa C.

See you in Seattle! by Peter Curran


This week marks NAEA's Annual Convention, this year held in Seattle, Washington. It's a yearly opportunity to re-connect with art educators from across the country and beyond, while re-energizing my classroom practice. 

This year is my first of two in my current role as division director of NAEA's Middle Level Division. The last ten months have been spent prepping for this event, from soliciting session proposals, coordinating a team of reviewers to score the submissions, identifying a series of division-specific offerings & activities, assessing and naming our national and regional awardees, previewing the convention site at November's Board Meeting, co-leading a writing team to draft a Platform Statement on Digital Citizenship, working way too late getting my classroom ready for the substitute, and, now, flying over Spokane as we near our destination. 


Once I land, it's a quick Lyft to the hotel and then off to our Board Meeting and we don't stop till Sunday afternoon, as I pack up and head home. 

Student artists showcased at MLK Ceremony by Peter Curran

Congratulations to artists Darini, Sofia and Megan, whose works were included in our WMS 2018 MLK Celebration. 

Artwork by Megan, grade 8. Pencil & Charcoal

Artwork by Darini, grade 8. Pastel, Watercolor & Acrylic. 

Artwork by Sofia, grade 8. Ink.

Upcoming Exhibit at Wayland Public Library by Peter Curran

Join over forty student artists and their families as we kick-off our month-long exhibition of student artwork from the Wayland Middle School. The reception, which will be held in the downstairs Raytheon Room of the Wayland Free Public Library, is free an open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. 

For more information, contact Pete Curran, visual art educator, at peter_curran@wayland.k12.ma.us